UPUA Executive Candidates Continue Election Day Tradition Of Waffle Shop Breakfast

Breakfast is inarguably the most important meal of the day, but that adage is especially true on UPUA Election Day when the candidates have a full day of campaigning ahead of them. Each year, the Elections Commission hosts a breakfast at the Waffle Shop with each of the executive tickets, the Commission, and members of the media.

This year’s meal kicked off at 6 a.m., just as polls were opening. While both tickets have hefty platforms, they both also have hearty appetites.

Katie Jordan decided that a full breakfast would serve her best considering the busy day she has ahead. Jordan ordered eggs Benedict with home fries and a side of a chocolate chip pancake, really covering all of the breakfast food categories. But why combine eggs Benedict with chocolate?

“That’s what I got last year, and we won last year,” Jordan said of her breakfast choice. Already clad in her green Vote Jordan-Shockley shirt, Jordan cleaned both plates.

Sammy Geisinger, on the other hand, opted for a veggie omelet, wheat toast, and home fries. Geisinger strategically selected eggs in hopes the protein would give her energy throughout the day, but had to ask for a box for her leftovers.

“I have to really be in the mood for eggs,” she said.

You might also notice an absence of meat. The presidential candidate is a vegetarian, so the choice was natural. At least she’ll have a hearty snack for later as the grind of Election Day wears on.

Now that the polls are officially open, go to vote.psu.edu until 10 p.m. to vote in your student government elections. Feel free to select your votes based on what each ticket got for breakfast, but we endorsed Katie Jordan and Alex Shockley (we’d also endorse their breakfast decision if we had the opportunity)

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