If James Franklin Tweeted Your Finals Motivation

James Franklin is an active member of the Twitterverse, often tweeting his appreciation for staff members, players, and his family. With finals rapidly approaching and existential dread looming, why not imagine a world where Franklin put as much energy into finals motivation as he does Whiteout motivation on Twitter?

Without further ado, we present James Franklin Twitter: Finals Edition.

The Repetition Tweet

There came a point last season when the Nittany Lions were gaining national attention and moving quickly up the rankings. Every week, Coach Franklin showed everyone his focus on the upcoming game by repeating the opposing team’s name literally as many times as a tweet allows. These Twitter black holes seemed to work more often than not as the Nittany Lions were nearly invincible for the last 10 games of the season. Here’s an example:

Coach Franklin is getting students prepared for finals week in a similar fashion. He’s a man who doesn’t stray far from what he knows.

Many theorize Coach Franklin would never stop repeating the same thing if it weren’t for the character limit on every tweet, theoretically creating a Twitter vortex and crashing the world wide web in the process. So thank you, Twitter, for all that you do to ensure a happy, safe social media platform that leaves users with absolutely nothing to worry about.

The Happy Birthday Tweet

James Franklin really likes to wish people a happy birthday in a very particular way, as evidenced by the following  real-life tweets:

There are about a million more if you’re interested in seeing for yourself.

I keeping with his birthday template, Coach Franklin started wishing individual students good luck on their finals. We don’t know how he did it, but Franklin must’ve gained access to some academic files because he seemed to know a lot about the academic standing of a few individuals. Maybe he’s even the Onward State hacker.

That second one seems a bit aggressive…

The New Commit Tweet

James Franklin got a string of commitments during the Blue-White Weekend as offensive tackles Nana Asiedu and Antwan Reed committed to the Nittany Lions. Franklin took to Twitter to announce the good news in typical fashion:

Coach Franklin offered support to all of us looking to bring a D into much coveted A range using the template usually reserved for new commits.

Oh No, Please God No – Not Another White Out Tweet

I thought I’d be mad about Franklin calling for a White Out for chemistry finals until I saw precisely how many retweets and favorites he got on this tweet.

Coach Franklin clearly has a knack for engaging with students and fans alike on Twitter. Now take this newfound motivation and charge forth into your finals.

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