Improved LionPath Interface Rolled Out

LionPath doesn’t suck anymore.

When you next log into LionPath, you may be amazed that the welcome screen is no longer reminiscent of a 64-bit era video game. Provost Nick Jones recently announced the imminent update to the underwhelming site, and it is now here. We must say, the website looks a whole lot better now.

It all begins with a sleek new home screen and an easy-to-navigate interface:

As you can immediately tell, LionPath now not only looks significantly better, but also has all of the most important links right there at the top of the home screen. Important notifications like holds on your account will now be right in front of your face instead of tucked away in the bottom corner of some hard-to-find page.

You can even get a quick look at your class schedule right from the home screen. LionPath, we like you now?

Further down the log-in screen, you can find some nifty features like an enrollment date calendar and the academic calendar:

Basically, everything that took a significant amount of time and navigational skills to find now lives right on the home page of LionPath. The “Class Search” page even got a bit of a makeover:

The changes to the class search interface aren’t monumental, but it certainly does feel like it was designed in 2017 – not the early 90s.

The “Academics” tab along the top right of the new site brings users to an all-encompassing classes page. On this page, you can find your grades, your class schedule, your advisers, your final exam schedule, and even quick links to class searches and more.

The “Finances” tab is another much-improved aspect of LionPath, making payments and award acceptances straightforward.

This version of LionPath is undoubtedly a huge improvement over what was originally rolled out. The sleek design is aesthetically pleasing and there is an ease of navigation that just was not there before. We suggest taking a look for yourselves, folks, because now LionPath won’t give you a headache.

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