Power Ranking The Weeknd’s Starboy Tour Setlist

The Weeknd is coming to Happy Valley Wednesday to kick off the second North American stage of his “Starboy: Legend of the Fall 2017 World Tour” at the Bryce Jordan Center.

Ahead of the concert, we checked out The Weeknd’s setlists from previous stops on the tour. Without touching on cover efforts with his different tour guests (it’ll be Gucci Mane and Nav on Wednesday), we power ranked the 17 songs that consistently appear on the tour setlists:

No. 17 — “Six Feet Under”

It’s a quality song, but it won’t get the BJC bumping and comes as a lead-in to cover songs.

No. 16 — “Tell Your Friends” / “Die For You”

Both of these songs hold up well on their own, but the combo effort (which is normally how he performs these songs) takes away something from each.

No. 15 — “Angel”

This is an exciting one to see on the setlist since classics from old albums sometimes get lost in the fold during new album’s tours.

No. 14 — “Acquainted”

Ditto for this gem.

No. 13 — “Secrets”

From his 18-song album, The Weeknd generally chooses nine songs for this tour stops — so it was always going to be interesting to see which he thinks are necessary for the tour and which aren’t. This one isn’t a bad choice to make the cut.

No. 12 — “Wicked Games”

He had to play his big debut song. How could he not?

No. 11 — “Rockin”

This is another one of those close-to-the-cut songs. He off and on chooses to play “True Colors,” but if he doesn’t (like he hasn’t at recent tour stops), “Rockin” does a suitable job filling the vibe that song gives off.

No. 10 — “In The Night”

It’s a classic. 100 percent deserves to be part of any setlist on this tour.

No. 9 — “Sidewalks”

What truly makes this song is Kendrick Lamar’s rap, but it should still be one of the better performances of the night.

No. 8 — “Often”

This is timeless and has such a signature feel to The Weeknd’s music — possibly the most underrated song from Beauty Behind The Madness. 

No. 7 — “Party Monster”

It’s at the beginning of the setlist and will probably be at the perfect time to get you pumped up for the rest of the performance.

No. 6 — “Reminder”

It’s definitely an underrated song from Starboy, and it’ll probably be an underrated part of the show by the time it’s done.

No. 5 — “Starboy”

It’s the lead single, but just because it’s the namesake of the tour and the album, it doesn’t make it the top song on the list. It also leads off most setlists as the opening song, which makes it tough to enjoy the most with the set just getting started.

No. 4 — “Earned It”

Somewhat surprisingly, it comes in the middle of the setlist, but it’ll be one of the top performances of the night for sure.

No. 3 –“Can’t Feel My Face”

What’s left to say about this one? It’s one of his three Billboard Hot 100 No. 1’s and it has recognition far beyond some songs on the setlist. It might not be his greatest, but it’ll be big with the crowd — especially at the end of the set.

No. 2 — “I Feel It Coming”

It’s his most-trending song at the moment and will probably have the biggest reaction at the BJC because of that alone.

No. 1 — “The Hills”

C’mon, “The Hills” is ~peak~ for The Weeknd and deserves its top spot and marquee song standing on any tour he plays.


Check out the full setlist in its most-likely order below:

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