Penn State Launches New Snapchat Account

Penn State launched a new Snapchat account this semester that’s chock full of things happening on campus, including live updates from events and tips and tricks for new students. The account, which can be found on Snapchat at @penn_state, is an easy way for students on and off campus to stay engaged and connected with activities happening around Penn State.

The main goal of the account is to show followers what Penn State is like from a student perspective, while communicating with students on a platform that many are already using daily and are familiar with. Although it has only been up and running since classes started, students seem to be enjoying the account and the easy access to campus updates and events.

Within the first few weeks of the account’s existence, stories have focused on information for students about opportunities to get involved around campus. During the involvement fair, clubs posted videos about why students should join their respective organizations on the account’s story and the account often posts links to news stories about events on and around campus.

Soon, the account will shift to include more student-created content, as well. If you already follow the account, you saw this idea tested out when students sent in photos of their dogs for National Dog Day and Penn State featured them on its story.

While the snaps about tips and tricks on where to replace a lost ID or locating the Post Office may be more beneficial for new students, the account certainly benefits upperclassman with their constant campus updates. And sometimes they post pictures of cute dogs — who doesn’t want to see that?

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