The ‘Just Like Beating Akron’ Pitt Revenge Playlist

This week’s playlist tells a story of revenge, redemption, and righteousness. Following last year’s tragic loss to Pitt, the Nittany Lions really showed up this Saturday and came away with a win. The 2016 loss to Pitt seemed to rub some Nittany Lions the wrong way, making the win all the more meaningful. Coach Franklin said it best himself when he stated, “Last year for their win it was like the Super Bowl, but for us this was just like beating Akron.” Better luck next year, Pitt.

These tunes — ranging from power rock anthems to hip-hop ballads — embody how sweet and visceral revenge truly feels. Taylor Swift’s scathing thesis on payback, “Look What You Made Me Do,” seems particularly fitting following the win. An oldie but a goodie, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who sends the same message as Saturday’s victory did. Let these tunes serve as your celebratory playlist this week, as well as your musical hype man for the rest of the season.

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