Happy Valley Rocks Aims To Promote Kindness In The Community

Happy Valley Rocks is an all-inclusive community group that paints rocks and hides them around the area for people to discover for themselves. The group strives to bring kindness to the community and to put a smile on the finder’s face.

There are similar groups all over the world, but now you can find these mini pieces of art all around State College. For group member Heather Shadow, the community has given her a new appreciation for the little things in life. It also allowed her to build friendships with a variety of people she never would have met before, and the group has even connected her further with her own family.

“I love our group because it has brought me and my 15-year-old daughter closer together,” Shadow said.

Many of the rocks represent an uplifting message, and group members have even created rocks for various special causes. One woman found a rock while visiting a relative in the hospital; from this surprise, she was able to find a new sense of peace.

Additionally, the hashtag #rocks4heidi serves to honor a lost daughter. Of course, Happy Valley Rocks also leaves a variety of blue and white-themed rocks around the area for Penn Staters everywhere to find.

Some of the rocks even point to certain paths, and various people passing by have reported following the rock trail and connecting with other individuals. In today’s technologically-advanced world, Happy Valley Rocks allows even the busiest folks to stop for a moment and simply enjoy the unique find.  For more information about Happy Valley Rocks as well as how to join the Facebook group, click here.

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