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Nine Types Of People You’ll Find In The Student Section

Some things are simply tradition at Penn State football games: Sweet Caroline, the We Are chant, the drum major’s signature front flip, and the sweet satisfaction of a hot chicken basket. Without these staples of our culture, Penn State football likely wouldn’t be what it is today.

But with a student section that can hold more than 20,000, there are a few different kinds of characters that find their way into the bleachers. Here are the nine types of students you’re bound to encounter in the student section:

The Very, Very Drunk Student(s)

You know the type: falling over, tripping up the stairs, shouting random things at random times, and the worst case scenario, vomiting right in the middle of the stands. Chances are you’ll find several of these during one game alone — or maybe this is you. These kids clearly went a little too hard at the tailgate and will inevitably not make it through the first half of the game.

Very, Very Drunk Student’s Friend

Clearly more sober than their friend, this student is now in full on mom-mode. Apologizing to nearby students about their friend’s behavior, as well as trying to sober them up enough to not get kicked out of the stands, are all part of the job.

The Not Drunk But Still Obnoxiously Excited Kid

We all love Penn State football, but this kid takes it to a whole different level. They clearly live and breathe for Saturdays in Happy Valley. This student starts just about every We Are chant, yells comments a little too loudly after every play, and is in the stands at least two hours before kickoff.

The Rival Student

I think we’d all like to have the confidence of the kid who wears their Pitt or Ohio State jersey into the greatest student section in the country. They’re bound to get endless taunting and offensive comments. Bold move, kid.

The Student Who Won’t Stop Yelling “We Want Bama”

James Franklin probably has a few words for this kid — Penn State football is all about taking it one week a time. This guy’s got a somewhat valid point, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, folks. In the spirit of the coach himself, “Indiana, Indiana, Indiana, Indiana, Indiana.”

The Student Covered In Blue And White

Sometimes it’s a guy in blue and white overalls and body paint, or maybe it’s even the adventurous dude who decided to brave nothing but a morphsuit. It might even be a mystery student in an outfit completely made out of shakers. These are probably the only students who put more time in to their outfits than the girls with the meticulously-cut shirts.

The Student Who Won’t Stop Asking Questions

Wait, what just happened? Why are those guys running that way? What’s that flag mean? When are we leaving? Where are we going after this? Can I have some of your chicken basket? Why haven’t they played ‘Closer’ yet?

The Mom/Dad/Sibling

They’re clearly not a current student, but they did somehow manage to get into the student section anyway. We can’t say we blame them for wanting to be included, and as long as they know all of the traditions and music, the more the merrier.

The Student Who Drops Their Chicken Basket

We are truly sorry for your loss.

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Currently a senior studying Kinesiology, Janelle is proud to call upstate NY (the real part, not the 30 minutes north of the city part) home. She's an avid runner and enjoys everything and anything sports. She also has a love of pancakes, avoids the HUB like the plague during the in between classes rush, and can quote the majority of Friends episodes from memory. If you want to hear all the embarrassing things she does daily, or want to contact her, follow her on twitter at @janellerothack or email her at [email protected]


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