The Best Of Your College GameDay Signs

When College GameDay comes to your city, there’s only one other thing you have to do besides show up — make a sign. While there are a few rules and restrictions if you want to get your Michigan joke on television, there’s plenty of ways to make sure your sign stands out from the crowd.

We asked you to send us your best College GameDay signs and you delivered (with a few more shirtless Jim Harbaugh references than we thought possible). Take a look:

From: Andrew Mark Rose, Class of 2020

From: Ben Laub, Class of 2017

From: Ben Laub, Class of 2017

From: Michele Joseph, Class of 1992

From: Josh Balog, Class of 2020

From: Brian Lavan

From: Cody Zugelder, Class of 2018

From: Jen Keefer and Gaby Selmi, Class of 2018 and 2019

“So excited for GameDay!”

From: Sean Garred, Class of 2018

From: Tim Intelisano, Class of 2020

“Roasting only Michigan wasn’t sufficient. Had to throw shade at the Buckeyes as well.”

From: Marissa Reuther, Class of 2019

“I’m graduating in 2019 and I’m a junior economics major. I knew I wanted to make an econ-related sign, so this is what I came up with. I plan on going to College GameDay with some members of the Women in Economics Society.”

From: Luke Burrows, Class of 2018

“Sign depicts Burt Reynolds who was college roommates with Lee Corso. As a PSU fan, it seems that Corso has a habit/history of not picking PSU. Maybe this will help Corso in his decision on Saturday?”

From: Kristin McKeown and Tracey Tardif, Class of 2018

“We made our big national TV debut at College GameDay at the Big Ten Championship in Indianapolis. Will we make it again with this sign? Stay tuned.”

From: James Ciccone II, Class of 2013

From: Steve Silver, Class of 2006

“Sadly, I’m not going to be able to make it up to State College this weekend but I crafted this sign (complete with live-action Saquon Barkley hurdling over Michigan football coach/whiny man-baby Jim Harbaugh) for my co-worker who will be making the trip.”

From: Samantha DelRossa, Class of 2016

“Yes, that is a real picture of Saquon. Go State!”

From: Gina Nappi, Class of 2017

From: Frankie Haver, Class of 2020

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