Overheard On Twitter: Brutus The Buckeye Picks A Cat Fight With The Nittany Lion

There’s a lot riding on today’s Penn State-Ohio State match-up, which means tensions are running pretty high between fan bases — and that includes mascots, too.

This morning’s tiff between the Nittany Lion and Brutus the Buckeye began when Ohio State sports website The-Ozone tweeted a picture of the Nittany Lion arriving “late” to College GameDay:

It wasn’t long before Brutus the Buckeye, the world’s ugliest nut, chimed in and insinuated that the Nittany Lion can’t handle the bad weather in Columbus (which anyone who’s lived through a State College winter knows is ridiculous):

But don’t the Buckeyes know that the Nittany Lion always has a flair for the dramatic?

Brutus came back with a shot of himself standing at College GameDay this morning…

…which the Nittany Lion quickly one-upped. Take a look at the Lion crowd-surfing with Lee Corso on Old Main lawn:

The squabble between the two mascots unfortunately came to end a few tweets later when Brutus revealed that Lee Corso picked Ohio State to win today’s game.

However, in true Nittany Lion fashion, the symbol of our best kept things positive:

The Twitter battle may be over, but the war hasn’t even begun. Penn State-Ohio State kicks off at 3:30 p.m. in Columbus.

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