THON Donation Stations Sporting Favorite Pixar Movies

THON is just beginning and fun and excitement is filling the BJC. The loving and pumped-up crowd has arrived and the dancers are ready to stand. The electric energy in the air is perfectly captured by THON’s four decorated donation stations.

This year, each station is decorated as a different Pixar movie, which perfectly reflects everyone’s love for the kids. Each station will accept cash or check donations throughout the weekend, but, if you can’t make it to the BJC this year, you can always donate online.

The stations also serve as info booths, where THON’s Communications Committee members can answer any questions attendees have as they’re walking through the concourse, and as the concourse-level lost and found stations.

Finding Nemo (2003) is swimming its way into THON at this donation station. Decked out with seaweed, a treasure chest, and everyone’s favorite animated underwater creatures, this station is ready for every land-lover!

The next station shows the most recognizable house from the movie Up (2009). Flying in cotton ball clouds is Carl’s home, lifted by a bunch of colored balloons. Each balloon has a personalized “I THON for…” message on it. One says, “Every cub can be a Nittany Lion,” another reads, “For a brighter future for every child.”

Filled with scary monster faces on balloons, this donation station is Monsters, Inc. (2001) themed. The most friendly monsters, Mike Wazowski and Sully stand behind the counter of painted doors.

Last but not least is the station representing the 1995 classic Toy Story. Complete with FTK blocks and the goofy cast of characters, the Toy Story station puts a smile on everyone’s face — kids and adults alike.

Feel free to make your way to one of these beautifully decorated booths at some point during the next 46 hours to donate FTK or get your questions answered!

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