Blue Car Strikes Back To Even The Series at 1-1 In Second ‘Car Race’ Of THON 2018

During the first-ever THON car race early Saturday morning, THON attendees willed the red car to victory over the blue car in the half-lap sprint around the BJC.

The two large flag banners bearing red and blue cars, respectively,  were passed over the heads of the crowd in a race to see which banner could make it to the checkered flag above section 114 first. After a heart-breaking loss this morning, the blue side got its revenge by winning the second race around 2:30 p.m.

The races take place during floor mopping, and the contests are quickly becoming the token event of interest for those in the BJC.

In a weekend that puts a lot of emphasis on perseverance and courage, the blue team’s comeback performance is one that will inspire many this weekend. While it’s unclear how many more races will take place, I know that I’ll be rooting for the underdogs.

Blue Car in six, folks.

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