Fashion Show Energizes THON Crowd

A highlight of the afternoon is THON’s kids fashion show. It gives Four Diamonds kids an opportunity to “strut their stuff” on the runway as the crowd cheers. The question “are you ready for the 2018 fashion show?” starts it off.

The fashion show features the kids by sharing their favorite activities, colors, and food. The boys wore blue and white outfits to support Penn State, while many of the ladies wore tutus and sparkles. The confidence radiated from their big smiles.

Some of the highlights included a young girl decked out in all pink with a tutu and mask. There was even a boy dressed up as the Nittany Lion who ruffled his ears and gave a big smile. To show his strength, a boy with boxing gloves flexed for the crowd.

Even A’Niah Butler made an appearance on stage, trading her signature tackles for cartwheels.

All of the kids looked incredible and we can’t wait to see them become future models and Nittany Lions!

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