NRT Presents ‘Clue The Movie: The Play’

If you remember playing the board game CLUE as Mrs. Peacock or Professor Plum, No Refund Theatre’s Production of “Clue The Movie: The Play” will have you feeling nostalgic this weekend.

Six strangers are invited to the mysterious Hill House for a dinner party. All of a sudden, as characters start to disappear one by one, it becomes apparent that there is a murderer among them. Keeping you on your toes, the question of “whodunnit” puzzles the characters and the audience until the final scene. A unique twist to this play is that there is a different ending and murderer at every show.

Directors Andrew Leite and Tyler Davey have both been involved in NRT for more than four years. Leite is actually a recent graduate of Penn State and was the president of NRT his senior year. For Davey, on the other hand, it’s been a long time coming to get this opportunity.

“I have been trying to make this into a stage production since I was in the eighth grade, so this is nine years running trying to build this project,” Davey said.

Once the film major got to college and joined NRT, he realized that his dream was possible.

Pulling a show together is not an easy feat; however, Leite and Davey handle it with grace. They started rehearsal in January and moved to the Forum Building two weeks ago.

“It’s still been a hectic cycle considering the size of the cast and how everyone is needed for every scene,” Leite said.

Both directors are thankful that they also have the movie to turn to for inspiration and guidance.

NRT presents “Clue The Movie: The Play” at 9 p.m. Thursday, February 22, and at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, February 23-24, in 111 Forum. You can visit the event’s Facebook page for more information.

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