THON Director Thursday: Meet THON 2019 Dancer Relations Director Tim Seydel

Name: Tim Seydel
Major: Criminology
Past THON Experience:                                                                                             THON 2016: Dancer Relations Committee Member                                          THON 2017: Dancer Relations Committee Member                                          THON 2018: Dancer Relations Captain

Name an interesting, weird, or quirky fact about yourself:

I went to space camp when I was 18 years old.

What made you want to apply for the Dancer Relations Director position for THON 2019?

THON is an organization unlike any that I’ve been a part of. It has given so much to me over that past three years and it has opened my eyes to the true definitions of honesty, courage, wisdom, and strength. I was blessed to have two incredible captains who showed me what it meant to be a passionate committee member and drove me to want to be more involved in the THON community. I applied to be a Director because I wanted to give back to the organization that has helped shape and mold me into who I am today. Most importantly, I wanted to be able to help these families and make their days a little brighter. What they are going through is unimaginable. If I am able to help in any way or to lighten the weight on their shoulders I want to do it. Seeing smiles on faces makes everything that we do worth it. I wanted to be a director to help make more smiles, to help make today a little better than yesterday, and to bring happiness.

What are your responsibilities as the Dancer Relations Director?

As the Dancer Relations Director it is my duty to ensure the safety and well being of all dancers THON Weekend. I lead a team of 20 captains who are in charge of educating their committee members on the best ways to take care of their dancers THON weekend. I work very closely with the College of Nursing, EMS, and Athletic Training throughout the year in order to ensure that the needs of the dancers are met and I also help coordinate and execute the Line Dance.

What do you want to implement in your position this year that’s unique and differs from years past?

This year the Dancer Relations Committee is moving towards wellness as a whole. Looking at each and every event that we execute throughout THON weekend and how we can make these events the very best not just for the dancer but also for the spectators and other Committee Members. A large amount of spectators THON weekend stay for prolonged periods of time and their health and well being is often ignored. Not solely the spectators but also the Committee members who spend countless hours in the BJC working tirelessly to execute everything that goes on during the 46 hours. Taking their health and well being and how they can best take care of themselves into consideration is a new movement that the Dancer Relations Committee aims to do this year.

What makes the Dancer Relations Committee so cool, fun, and/or important?

Standing for 46 hours is no small feat, especially when a lack of sleep is involved. The Dancer Relations Committee’s mission is to be there for the Dancers so they can be there For The Kids. Without each and every single Committee Member these dancers would struggle exponentially more than what they already do. Something as simple as a piggy back ride, a letter, or a foot rub can change the entire experience for a dancer. It may be the brief bit of inspiration or respite that they needed to finish the weekend.

What are the overall goals you hope to reach with your committee for THON 2019?

My goal for THON 2019 is to bring about a sense of unity and belonging among the Committee and the THON community as well as to ensure that dancers have the very best experience possible THON weekend. I want there to be a willingness to work together and to help one another in a way that has not happened in years passed. Achieving each individual event to the best of its ability does not happen through one Committee alone, it takes multiple Committees working together to ensure that an event runs smoothly. My goal is to ensure that this communication flows smoothly and effectively in order to present the very best events possible. Families and Dancers deserve the very best we have to offer and the primary way we can do that is by working together.

Why do you THON?

I THON because every kid deserves a childhood. They deserve to be able to run around playing tag with their friends. They deserve to wake up on a Saturday morning watch some cartoons then get ready for the afternoon activities, whether that be sports games, family trips, or heading to a friends house for a play date. They deserve to be able to pursue their dreams without fear, they deserve to be able to grow up and become whatever they want to be in life. I THON so that this can be a reality for so many kids affected by pediatric cancer. I THON so that one day we will dance in celebration instead of for a cure. I THON so that every kid can just be a kid.

What’s your favorite THON memory?

My favorite THON memory came from my freshman year THON. I remember being in the stands for the last 4 hours with my Committee and seeing love take a tangible form. When I looked around the BJC and saw thousands of people standing arm in arm united in the fight, swaying back and forth leaning on one another, not relying on their own individual strength but feeding off of the strength and support of others. It was in that moment that I saw the physical representation of love. It was in that moment that I knew that getting involved in this organization was the best decision I had made my freshman year. That aha moment is my favorite THON memory.

Per Onward State tradition, if you could be any dinosaur, which one would you be and why?

I would be an Iguanodon. Now the extent of my knowledge about this dinosaur comes from the Disney movie Dinosaur (If you haven’t seen it it’s definitely worth the watch, I mean it has its own ride in Disney World). The Iguanodon in this movie is depicted as a protector and one of a herd. The success of the herd was dependent on them all working together to overcome different obstacles that came in their way. In the same way THON only works if we as a group come together to overcome different obstacles that may occur.

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