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Receipt Sliding: What Happens When You Leave Your Number At A State College Bar

Apparently, State College really loves flirting via receipt.

We asked you to tell us about the most memorable time you left your number on a receipt at the bar (or vice versa) and you delivered. Maybe it is the right go-to move it the playbook, because sometimes it worked out for the best. And most times, well, see for yourself:

Leaving Your Number On A Receipt

Ed Sheeran’s doppelgänger (If you’re deep enough into your bar tour)

“I was at Liberty. It was stop five or six on a four-person bar tour during senior week. He was a redhead with an accent (Ed Sheeran vibes) and we all decided I should leave my number for him. He ended up meeting us at Pickles later that night. He had no idea which one of us had left the number, so he initially went for my friend. We found out he was actually from New Zealand and he taught us a drinking game from his homeland. At the end of the night, he slapped my ass, left, and then texted me his address and told me to Uber there. We never spoke again.”

A bartender who truly cares about the sea turtles

“I had been daylonging all day and decided to rally at Champs. I was pretty drunk still and really dehydrated, and in no shape to continue drinking so the bartender gave me water. I was drinking them really fast so he kept feeding me water, and at one point I had 5 waters. It was at this moment that I decided to lecture the bartender about how all of the plastic cups/straws he was giving me were killing the sea turtles. Eventually, I went to pay my tab and decided that the bartender obviously wanted my number because he was so nice to me AND cared about turtles. I wrote it on the receipt and confidently walked away. Unfortunately, I realized I forgot my card, so I had to awkwardly go back and get it 15 minutes later with zero confidence. And in case you’re wondering, he did not text me.”

Forget bartenders. How about a bassist?

“So here’s the low down: I would go to the Brewery every weekend with my friends to let loose and watch this band play. The bassist was super sexy — I had this hunch that he noticed me, but I was too nervous to talk to him. This one night, I could have sworn that he was making eyes at me, but my friends thought I just had my beer goggles on. It was early in the night, and my friends decided to move on to the next bar. I was closing out my check and asked for a napkin. I really don’t know where I got the courage to do this, and I forget exactly what I had written, but I left my name and number. The band was playing a set, so I walked right up to where the super sexy bassist was standing and left the napkin on one of the speakers near him, then booked it. He definitely saw me.

“Not even an hour later(!), I got a text from the bassist asking me to come back. If you thought I answered the call, you’re damn right I did! Suck it friends, my suspicions proved to be right! I went home with the bassist after the band finished its set, and the rest is history. It was the start to a (very) consistent hookup which lasted about seven months. “

The Ever-Helpful Friend

“We were at Champs on Halloween, and my best friend thought the bartender was so hot. We were both cracking up because he dressed up as a pickle. She tried making small talk with him, but it was Halloween and he was super busy making drinks. I decided that I was going to help her out. I wrote down her number on a napkin and added ‘my best friend wants your pickle.'”

Finding Someone’s Number On The Receipt

A pleasant shift at PMan

“It was my first and only day working at Primanti Bros. and I spilled an entire tray of drinks on the floor in front of this table. While they left me a typical college tip, the guys did leave ‘I love you’ and their number.”

Going with the flow

“I texted the number someone left me at Champs about a week later — he didn’t know who it was and asked one of the other waitresses who I was because they were friends. Turns out his friend left the number and he pretended he did and went along with it. I found this out because my friend — the other waitress — sent me screenshots of him asking her who I was. We ended up dating for almost a year!”

Imagine leaving bad tips and trying to get a text back

Take it from a server at Jax:

“They left their number on the ticket and they left less than a 10 percent tip! No way any server/bartender will ever give them a call. SMH SMH.” 

And one at Primanti Bros.:

“I almost never text numbers people leave me because: 1) I don’t know which guy you were, 2) I’m not interested, or 3) you left a crappy tip and then acted like your number made up for the missing half.”

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