Day: April 11, 2019


Micah Parsons Ready To Carry On Linebacker U Legacy

"He's made tremendous strides. From the beginning of his freshman year to now, he's a whole different person."

Student Life

The Quest To Hammock On Campus

With the new rules prohibiting hammocking in trees, we took it upon ourselves to find new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Student Life

[Photo Story] Ag Day Brings Loads Of Animals, Ice Cream, And Excitement

Penn State's College of Agriculture hosted its annual Ag Day, drawing hundreds to the selection of interactive activities and ice cream.

Student Life

New Gen Ed Planning Tool Introduced

"I like the idea of this tool and it's nice to see everything laid out for you in terms of how much you have completed and how much more you need to do. However, the entire process is still a bit confusing with those inter-domain courses because there isn't a whole lot of information out there yet."


Sean Clifford Embracing The Quarterback Competition

Sean Clifford is putting his competitive spirit to good use this spring.

Student Life
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