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Author: Riley Davies

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Riley Davies

Riley is a freshman from Orange County, California majoring in print and digital journalism. She will always stop to pet a dog or get a cup of coffee no matter where she is. The best place to contact her is rileydavie[email protected]


Better Know A THON Committee: Entertainment

THON would be a dry 46 hours if it weren't for the Entertainment Committee bringing ~the most~ hype to the BJC


Better Know A THON Committee: Special Events

Get to know the committee that puts on events like the THON 5K and 100 Days 'til THON.


Better Know A THON Committee: Rules and Regulations

These folks take the brunt of the wrath from angry people (which are aplenty, even at THON), so if you're extra nice to them they'll surely appreciate it.


What You Missed At THON 2019 While You Were Asleep

After a rocky beginning, the Blue Car came out far ahead of the Red Car.

Riley Davies

[Photo Story] Orgs Decorate BJC With Signs & Letters

Some depict themes, some have intricate designs, and most light up.


Play Along At Home Or In The BJC With THON Trivia

Whether you're trying to find a way to keep busy in the BJC or interested in getting involved from home, try your hand at our THON trivia.

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