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Ryan Haines

Ryan is a senior majoring in Economics with a minor in German. Hailing from Lancaster, PA you might be surprised to hear that he is not Amish. Reach out with questions and comments at [email protected] or on Twitter @HyanRaines.


Waiting Gets You Nowhere: Ryan Haines’ Senior Column

You probably don’t know me, so why read me thanking people? Instead, learn something from saying yes to being involved.


Mike Gesicki Switching Back To Jersey No. 88

Gesicki wore No. 86 as a rookie, but Leonte Carroo's release from the Dolphins opened the door for the tight end to reclaim his collegiate jersey number.

Student Life

The Quest To Hammock On Campus

With the new rules prohibiting hammocking in trees, we took it upon ourselves to find new ways to enjoy the outdoors.


Hoping To Hammock? Not In These Trees

Due to a new rule change on campus, hammocks and slack lines can no longer be attached to trees.


Traces Of Joe Paterno Statue Discovered In ‘We Are’ Sculpture

Thanks to the discovery by a pair of materials science students, another piece of the mystery of Joe Paterno's statue has been solved.


Bryce Jordan Center Outfitted With Escalators To Aid In The #Climb

The Bryce Jordan Center has announced plans to take the success of Penn State Athletics into its own hands.

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