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Things Less Annoying Than Penn State’s Two-Factor Authentication System

Sometimes, one minor inconvenience can ruin your whole day. Recently, for many Penn Staters, that minor inconvenience is the university’s new mandatory two-factor authentication system used to provide extra security before logging into LionPath, Canvas, and many other Penn State services.

Personally, if I need to push that stupid “send me a push” button one more time, I might just drop out of school altogether. In fact, the system is so utterly irritating that I’d rather endure any of the following nuisances rather than open the Duo Mobile app one more godforsaken time.

To put the service’s inconvenience into perspective, we compiled a list of things still likely to be less annoying than two-factor authentication.

Broken Lecture Hall Desks

The absolute last thing I want to do after hauling ass to Forum is sitting down in a seat with a broken desk — especially when the room is already packed and few decent spots remain. Even worse is when you’re clumsily making your way up and down aisles trying to find a suitable seat before lecture begins.

However, if rummaging through this rigmarole every day meant I didn’t need to click “send me a push” to check my grades each night, I’d sit at that broken desk in a heartbeat.

Long Friday Chick-Fil-A Lines

Seriously, is there a better way to kick off the weekend than endlessly waiting in a mile-long line for some deep-fried goodness? I need my Friday afternoon nuggets and waffle fries to decompress after a long week of studying, and clearly many other Penn Staters do too.

The Chick-fil-A line is often so long on Friday afternoons that an outsider would probably think they were giving away a free Apple Watch with every order. Still, it beats checking into Duo Mobile and inputting security codes every half an hour to check my email.

When Dining Halls Are Out Of Your Favorites

Whether you’re a fan of buttery biscuits, chicken parm, crab, or any other delicacy, there’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite food on the dining hall menu. However, there’s also nothing worse than seeing the empty meal tray and fighting back tears as you settle for a lesser meal. That’s true heartbreak, folks.

Well, there is one thing that’s worse, and it starts with “two” and ends in “factor authentication.” I’d rather go without my favorite dining hall treat than need to endure another second of increased security bullshit.

Listening To Willard Preacher Rants

Although he’s sometimes quite entertaining, the Willard Preacher’s dronings can be downright annoying and seriously kill your vibe as you make your way to and from Willard throughout the week.

Sometimes, I’ll feel super stressed on my way to an exam, desperately trying to retain the information I just crammed into my brain, when the Willard Preacher says something out of pocket and my mind instantly goes to mush. It’s just really difficult to tune that guy out. Still, he’s far less annoying than two-factor authentication! Amen, brother.

When Someone Sits Directly Next To You At The Library Or HUB

People who immediately plop down next to you in a large seating area also probably eat pizza with a fork and knife and hit “reply all” on email chains. There could be 100 open tables in the HUB and I swear someone would immediately sit next to me before I get a chance to open my bag.

These experiences are all pretty brutal and can quickly turn a good day into an awful one. However, if dealing with them meant getting rid of two-factor authentication for good, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Even though two-factor authentication is less than a few months old, there’s nothing worse than needing to wait for a push notification just to log in to Canvas, especially if your phone is dead!

Alas, I guess it’s a small price to pay. If two-factor authentication meant we could be back in Happy Valley, I’d opt to send push notifications all day long, baby.

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