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Celebrating A Day Of Sylly Week…At Home

It’s Sylly Week, folks!

Like last semester, this isn’t the typical Sylly Week that we know and love for very obvious reasons (read: the pandemic). But unlike last semester, the first four weeks of the spring semester are completely remote, forcing many students to stay home for an extra month.

As one of those folks who is staying home during the remote period, and thanks to the pandemic, I knew that Sylly Week wouldn’t be the same this time around. So, I decided to recreate a typical Sylly Week day from home.

8 a.m.: My alarm goes off and the first thing I do after I shut it off is go right back to sleep for an extra 15 minutes. With an extra dose of beauty sleep, I grab my phone again and check through my social media because so much has happened since I fell asleep the night before.

8:30 a.m.: After doom-scrolling browsing through social media, I finally climb out of bed and get ready for my day. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and switch from one pair of sweats to another before heading to my kitchen to make some breakfast.

9 a.m.: Once I finished my morning coffee — a true college student breakfast — I walk a whole 10 steps from my dining room to my living room to watch some Netflix before my first class of the day. I can’t start off the first day of the semester stressed out!

10:34 a.m.: With a minute left to spare, I rush to log onto Zoom for my first English class — the American Novel to 1900. I know, I know. Absolutely riveting stuff, folks.

11:20 a.m.: The Sylly Week gods were looking out for me in my first class of the day because we ended 30 minutes early. Professor Blum, if you see this, thank you.

11:25 a.m.: Since I have 40 minutes to kill until my next class, I decide to go annoy two of my roommates, better known as my brother and sister. But then, I remember they actually need to go to school in person. The only other being in my house to engage with is my dog, Jenga. Sad!

11:37 a.m.: To pass the time, I decide to take a quick 20-minute power nap since it’s already been an ~exhausting~ day. Attending one (1) class will do that to you.

12:04 p.m.: Back to work! It’s time to log back onto Zoom for my second class of the day. Nothing like logging on at the last minute for a second time! Sorry, Professor Tenorio.

1:13 p.m.: We are two-for-two on getting out of class early today, folks! Only one more class to go…in about 20 minutes. Morale is low, and even though I took a nap earlier, I’m ready to fall asleep.

2:55 p.m.: I’m officially done for the day. To celebrate, it’s time to take yet another nap after a long, exhausting day. Going over your course syllabus is draining!

4:09 p.m.: Time to exercise! Despite it feeling like it’s below zero outside, I decided to take a walk outside through my neighborhood after my nap. It’s important to keep moving get your steps for the day. (Editor’s note: Thanks, Joe)

5:18 p.m.: Now, it’s time for some dinner. Because I lack the motivation to make an actual meal, I heat up some leftover pasta from the night before in my microwave. Delicious.

6:49 p.m.: In classic Sylly Week delusion, I try to get a head start on some of my upcoming assignments. Five minutes in, I’m already bored, so I shut my computer off. I don’t need this kind of negative energy on the first day of classes!

7:30 p.m.: A typical Sylly Week would consist of going out to the bars, house parties, or the frats every…single…night. However, because of the coronavirus protocols, none of this should be happening. Still, I get a shower, do my makeup, and put on a nice outfit. I tried taking pictures but because I’m camera-shy and overly critical of myself, I didn’t put in a picture of the final look.

9:50 p.m.: It’s time to pregame…at my own house party. The only other legal adults in my house are my parents, so I pregame and party with them. So. much. fun!

9:59 p.m.: Well, it was fun while it lasted. Things got so crazy none of us made it to 10 p.m. Just kidding, of course. My parents literally went to bed right after this, and I watched Netflix for the next two hours. All in all, it was an extremely productive night.

Since the pandemic hit last spring, nothing has been the same, and the same goes for Sylly Week. Trying to recreate it at home doesn’t compare to the real thing, unfortunately. I’m hopeful that in the near future, some good will come, and college students can get back to what they do best — ignoring their syllabi and raging during Sylly Week.

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About the Author

Mackenzie Cullen

Mackenzie is a junior majoring in English and is one of Onward State's associate editors. She is from Minersville, PA, and is always trying to explain exactly where that is. Send all compliments to [email protected] or @MackenzieC__ on Twitter.


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