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The Worst Places To Break Up On Campus

In life, you’ll certainly have obstacles to overcome and challenges to face. One of the most common obstacles a college student can relate to is the pain of a breakup.

Now, you can say that breakups can bring out the best and the worst in people. Sometimes, you end on good terms with your significant other. The experience can give you a chance to learn about yourself and make some changes, and use it as an opportunity to grow.

Other times…Well, let’s just say that things between you and your ex may never be the same.

Breakups are never easy, and there is no “right place” to end your relationship with another person. However, there are some wrong places to split up. We took it upon ourselves to find the worst spots to end things with a significant other to hopefully help future heart-breakers avoid disaster.


Now, the HUB might not be the worst place, but it can be really embarrassing. Lots of people come and go through it every day, and it may be better to go somewhere a little more low-key.

Imagine you’re sitting by the Chick-fil-A with your partner, and they break it off and leave you alone with your thoughts. You’re now sitting there all by yourself, hoping that no one else heard and trying not to break down in the busiest building on campus. Not ideal!

The Library

What was supposed to be a study date turned out to be one of the worst days you had in a long time. The quiet nature of the library doesn’t exactly work well when someone starts crying or freaking out.

The Bus

No thoughts, no words — just silence. Waiting for someone to get off first. Maybe if you break up with someone, you shouldn’t do it on a moving vehicle that you’re stuck on together until it stops. Big L if you need to awkwardly get off at the same stop, too.

The Duck Pond

This may seem like a great spot at first. It’s outside, peaceful, and in public but doesn’t usually have too many people close by. Plus, it’s got plenty of nice scenery to look at so you don’t have to make awkward eye contact with the person that just broke up with you. However, we do not recommend this spot if your soon-to-be-ex has a temper.

Disclaimer: I did not go for a swim in this picture, and no koi fish were harmed in the making of this post.

Walk-Up Testing Center

Look, things are hard enough with COVID-19 running amuck throughout Centre County. Now you need to deal with a broken heart? Unbelievable. Read the room.

On the bright side, you may test positive for a broken heart, but at least you’ll (hopefully) test negative! Wear your masks, people.

In Front Of A Frat

Picture this: You leave a party at Oozma Kappa with your babe after having a seemingly good night. Then, while you’re walking by Roar Omega Roar, they tell you it’s over. They go into the raging party being hosted by the Roars, leaving you all by yourself on frat row with nothing but your shame and thoughts. Ouch.

If you’re going to break it off, it may be best to not do it after seemingly having a nice time together at a party.

In The Dining Halls

The dining halls are crowded, loud, and filled with folks who might overhear your conversation. Plus, there are lots of things around for someone to grab and throw at you, including sharp utensils. You want to break up with someone, not have broken up cracker crumbs in your hair. It would also be nice to not get stabbed with a fork.

Disclaimer: No hard feelings here! Me and Dana are friends in real life!

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