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Things You Can Still Add & Drop To Save Your Semester

We’ve made it through September, folks, and we’d like to extend a huge congratulations on surviving your first full month on campus.

From ditching Google Maps to making friends in class, many hit the learning curve fast. Undoubtedly, the curve’s hit back, smacking some of us much harder than others.

Not thrilled with how these first weeks turned out? Don’t fear, freshmen. We’re just minutes into the game, and who doesn’t love a good comeback story?! While Penn State’s add/drop period for classes is long gone, it’s never too late to make some adjustments for a successful year. Here’s a dozen do’s and don’ts you can still drop or add to save the semester.

Do: Drop The Beef With Your Roommate

Do you despise sharing that shoebox of space? Put down the scissors and consider a peaceful approach. Sit down, talk it out, and find a method for mutual survival. Not everyone’s a bestie, but keep it cordial and considerate at the very least for your own sake. You sleep there every night, and a shaved-off eyebrow is only one argument and razor away. Avoid being petty, Penn State. An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.

Don’t: Add The Freshman Fifteen

From the infamous chicken thigh halal to super pretzel, Penn State Eats is an enabler, students. Dependable for greasy temptation, the dining hall presents a conundrum of consumption as threatening as the Arboretum after dark. With one single swipe to unlimited access, overindulgence consumes even the best intentions. Food is fuel, and some healthy options will leave you energized and alert for long campus days. It’s all about balance, so enjoy in proportion.

Do: Drop The Toxic High School Significant Other

Back then, we loved the drama, no doubt. But still stressing over a snap streak at college isn’t a good look for anyone. This year brings the birth of branching out, and toxicity only poisons possibilities. With more than 40,000 students on campus, you’re bound to find new links right here at home and mature from your own growth. Release the negativity, live your best life, and see what happens. If they really were your fairytale ending, they’ll likely snap again.

Don’t: Add a New One

Self-actualization is the idea, folks. When you finally make the leap, don’t fall right away. Find yourself first, as finding someone else within the first four weeks leaves no room for self-improvement. Focus on making your own path and enjoy the transition into the best four years of your life. Freshmen, you’ve got nothing but time. Hit the brakes, but enjoy the ride.

Do: Add Up The Balance In ACCT 211 (Or Any Other Class)

Have you been slacking on the homework since week one? Dust off your backpack and consider cracking open a book this week. Grab the calculator and add some academics to your day. Exams are upon us, and don’t let Sylly Week become “Sylly Semester.” Whether it’s your gen ed or a lengthy web class, get to work before you regret slacking off.

Don’t: Drop Your Creamery Cone

Grip that cone like your driver on the Blue Course. Don’t let your Death by Chocolate become death by dropping, a true waste of one of the most delectable treats on Earth. Spare the pain and clutch that cone like you’re going for the green on the eighteenth hole.

Do: Add The Mask To The ‘Fit

With masking required on campus for all indoor locations and an ordinance in place for masking in State College, this one’s a no-brainer. Over the nose, folks. Safety is a priority, and masks can keep the Penn State plague to a minimum, too. As evidenced by the chorus of coughing in any class, the flu and other related illnesses is rampant this time of year, and this accessory might spare you 300 heads turned your way in Forum.

Don’t: Drop Your Cash Downtown

Meal points for the win. Keep an eye on the spending and protect that coin. Check your LionCash and meal plan balances to ensure you’re budgeting correctly from now. Don’t let the end of the semester bring Ramen dinners with a side of desperation. Manage the money and swipe with caution.

Do: Add Your Football Ticket To Apple Wallet Or Google Pay

Fourth time’s the charm, students? At three home games in, consider this a lesson learned. Downloading the ticket is the only way to get in without a federal case at the ticket window. It’s an easy fix with big gains. And legend has it, every time a student holds up the ticket line outside Beaver, the Nittany Lion sheds a tear.

Don’t: Drop Your GPA

Remember when you said “school was important,” in your Facebook posts while searching for a roommate? Maybe talk to your 2019 or 2020 self on this one. With the excitement of freedom and the playground of Penn State, it’s just too easy to get distracted. While partying is sometimes important here, keep in mind it’s the cherry on top, not the whole cake. Grades get you to graduation.

Do: Add Some Alarms For Your 9 A.M.

Early to rise makes ya wise, friends. The first step towards passing a class is actually attending, so set that alarm to your favorite song and dance your way out of bed. Don’t get us wrong: Sleeping late sounds tempting after Thirsty Thursday, but it’s time to grab those attendance points. By waking up on time, you’ll find more opportunities to get stuff done and maybe even salvage your grade with the easiest points known to man.

Don’t: Drop The Lion

Although the Nittany Lion successfully crowd surfed the student section this weekend, we’ll never forget the two times he sank like a stone into a sea of students. Our magnificent mascot hit the bleachers quickly, a fate we wouldn’t even wish on Michigan. When it comes to crowd surfing, no one does it better than our Nittany Lion, but history proves that even this divine creature needs the fans to do their part. Hit the IM Building, and get those gains to keep the Symbol of Our Best airborne for the rest of the season. Four paws on the pavement is simply unacceptable. Start lifting and learning, folks.

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