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10 Questions With The Walker Building

Ever hear of the Walker Building? Probably not. This building is tucked in the very west corner of campus near the Westgate building. Recently, the building took to Twitter to share its thoughts.

Naturally, we slid into the Twitter DMs to learn more about the Walker Building and its many, many grievances.

OS: Before we get started, I just wanted to check in on what your preferred pronouns are?

Walker Building: Garbage/Concrete

OS: Great. Now, while Onward State knows where you are located, could you maybe explain to the general public where you call home on campus?

Walker Building: I’m the trash heap beside the Westgate Building that looks like Pennsylvania’s smallest state penitentiary.

OS: What is your purpose in life?

Walker Building: To serve as the last stop in a meteorology student’s dream of becoming a meteorologist.

OS: Sounds fun. Speaking of fun, what do you like to do in your free time?

Walker Building: I crush the hopes and dreams of all meteorology students by breaking my elevators so all the meteorology kids have to walk up six flights of stairs to the weather center, burst my water pipes so my bathrooms are no longer functional, and destroy my AC units so the meteorology kids are forced to sweat off five pounds during class.

OS: We see you’ve taken to Twitter recently. Are you going to try out any other social media platforms?

Walker Building: Twitter is enough for a building. I’m no Addison Rae. We should all know this. I’m just a dilapidated building that is taking its issues to Twitter for all the world to see.

OS: Let’s take a look at student life. You have seen a lot of Penn State football teams come through. Will this be the year Penn State wins the national title? 

Walker Building: I’m not sure who is going to win the football natty, but I am 100% certain who is going to tank every single last meteorology student’s GPA…me.

OS: Before President Barron retires this winter, are there any last requests you have for him?

Walker Building: I long for the day that President Barron himself gives me a power wash. It looks like I’m crying mold (which I am…those are my tears from years of neglect from the university). Like, come on man. This is getting out of hand.

OS: What can students do to better appreciate you?

Walker Building: I don’t want appreciation — I just want to be torn down. Is that too much to ask for? I THINK NOT!

OS: Being stuck in one spot must get boring. If there was one place you could go to, where would it be?

Walker Building: This one is pretty obvious. The Centre County landfill where I rightfully belong.

OS: If you could be a dinosaur what would you be and why?

Walker Building: I’m already a dinosaur. I was built in 1976 with super glue and duct tape. Enough said.

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Dana is a redshirt sophomore, who is studying public relations. She is from the 570 and yes, she has watched The Office. Her passions in life include drinking unsweetened iced tea and spreading her love for agriculture (yee haw)! Send any cow pictures or complaints to [email protected]


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