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Examining Some Of Penn State’s Most Intriguing Classes: Part Two

‘Tis the season of enrollment shopping carts and frantic late-night emails to advisors, where words like interdomain mean more than just a math equation. That’s right, folks. It’s time to schedule classes.

Last spring, we looked at some of the most intriguing classes, which included ghost storytelling, witchcraft, and jazz performance. This year, they’ve gotten even stranger more intriguing.

Penn State caters to a variety of students, so it’s only plausible for there to be some oddballs in the lineup of classes the university offers. From philosophy to kinesiology, there’s sure to be a class that really catches your eye.. So, here’s the lineup of questionable classes that are sure to be on your to wish list next semester.

GEOG 2N: Apocalyptic Geography: How Can We Prevent The End of The World?

If you’re looking for a class to make your Hunger Games fantasies come true, look no further than Penn State’s very own geography department.

This course examines the contemporary political, social, and economic issues that lead to an apocalyptic universe. Topics that you’ll cover include climate change, the growing refugee crisis, nuclear war, and more. This course provides analytical skills to help interpret issues that could eventually throw you right into a dystopian movie.

PHIL 15: How To Live

If you sign up for this class, are you OK? We’re just checking in — that’s all.

PLANT 240: The Fundamentals Of Cannabis

Ever wondered what’s really going on with the devil’s lettuce? 

I mean, who wouldn’t want to understand the science behind a good buzz? If you’re on the roster for this course, buckle in for an immersive experience on the science and cultivation of your friendly neighborhood plant. Don’t fret — this class is for educational purposes only.

KINES 65: Lifetime Jogging

This one is for our want-to-be cross-country runners.

Ever see herds of student jogging while you’re walking to class? Those are some lifetime joggers, folks. This class prepares you for a life of endless, endless miles while examining the many benefits of running in the quality of life. What those benefits could possibly be? Find out for yourself.

ASTRO 7N: The Artistic Universe 

ASTRO 7N is one of the most common general education courses at Penn State, as this class provides students with an understanding of the universe and everything in between. What makes this one so unique, though, is the platform used to enhance your overall learning experience. If you’ve ever wanted to live in a video game, ASTRO 7N should be a breeze for you. It’s easy, too.

PLANT 129N: Chocolate Worlds 

No, this class does not include a trip to Hershey World.

This course is for those who’re interested in investigating the history of our favorite sweet treats. Feeling like you need a little something sweet at 8 p.m.? Hitting your closest candy shop will feel like a sugar high after knowing the historical significance when it comes to your favorite Hershey’s candy bar. From the crunch of a Kit Kat to the lick of a Death by Chocolate cone from the Creamery, this class is sure to receive a golden ticket from Mr. Wonka himself.

ANTH 140: Anthropology Of Alcohol

This class is very fitting, Penn State.

At first glance, this class is sure to break every bit of Penn State’s Code of Conduct. However, the professor of this class, Kirk French, takes a deep dive into the history of different types of alcohol and their origins. Anthropology of alcohol provides you with the knowledge that might just be your new party trick. If you’re trying to pull a woman, just let her know the exact origins of the drink she’s sipping. That should most definitely do the trick.

PHIL 14: Love And Sex

PHIL 14: The next best thing since Netflix’s Sex Education.

Think you didn’t get enough out of your middle school health class? Or, do you question your ability to love? Well, this philosophy class is sure to get a little PG-13. PHIL 14 offers the opportunity to dive a little deeper into personal matters. Love, sex, and sexuality are all topics that will be covered throughout the entirety of the course. This class should be required among all students. Yes, that includes you, frat boys.

MET/ART 51N: Meteorology And Visual Arts: To Know Is To See

It’s raining men!

At first glance, this seems like your practice interdomain general education courses. Then, you glance just a little further into the course description. This meteorology course examines the visual arts of meteorological sciences. Wow, that was a mouthful. Not only will you understand the science behind certain aspects of weather, but you’ll visually interpret what you will see. This course will be sure to make you feel at peace with your local news weather girl.

KINES 89: Wilderness Experience

One with the trees, right?

KINES 89 offers an immersive educational experience that allows students to partake in various backpacking expeditions. This class might sound a little daring at first glance, but it invites students to gain exposure to skills like teamwork and nutritional strategies. If you paired this class and GEOG 2N, then your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse are scarily high.

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