Day: February 24, 2023

Student Life

Homemade Penn State-Themed Cocktails For Your State Patty’s Weekend

Take your State Patty's Day to the next level with our low-grade Penn State-themed cocktails.


Campus Steaks Owner Charged With 300+ Felony Counts Related To Alleged Homeowner Theft

Campus Steaks was expected to open on Pugh Street after students returned from winter break.

Student Life

‘An Addams Family Holiday’: How An Original Charles Addams Painting Ended Up In Paterno Library

The 1952 monochromatic painting depicts members of the Addams family on the beach.

Student Life
Aidan Conrad

Power Ranking Penn State Dining Hall Foods

If you don't like French toast sticks, this article may not be for you.

Student Life

Your 2023 State Patty’s Playlist

Feeling lucky? Our playlist will help you get jiggy with it this State Patty's Day.


10 Questions With THON 2023 Line Dance Leader Kelly Rafferty

We sat down with THON 2023 line dance leader Kelly Rafferty to learn more about the line dance’s creation and her experience with THON.

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