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OS Drafts: The Best Berkey Creamery Ice Cream Flavors

Who doesn’t love ice cream?

The Berkey Creamery is a Penn State staple. When friends come to visit, the Creamery is likely one of the “must-do” stops on a tour of campus. When headed home for breaks, your family will probably ask you to bring home a gallon of ice cream.

Even in the coldest months of the year, it’s hard to find a Penn Stater who wouldn’t love a delicious scoop of Berkey Creamery ice cream. One of the best parts of the Creamery is its rotating variety of delicious flavors.

To settle the debate on what the best flavors are, four of our staffers got together to draft their favorites. With so many options, this was no easy task.

Now that you’ve seen the entire draft board, let’s look at what each team captain has to say.

Team Mikey

For the first time in this series of articles, I was given the first pick. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a great draft to get the first pick, since I don’t think there was a clear No. 1 pick like in previous drafts. Because of that, with the first pick, I just selected my personal favorite, Grilled Stickies.

In rounds two, three, and four, I moved slightly away from my personal favorites and picked three iconic flavors that people love: Peachy Paterno, Alumni Swirl, and Scholar’s Chip. You can’t have the Creamery without these three.

In the last two rounds, I reverted to picking two of my personal favorites, both of which I think are criminally underrated: Cinnamon Caramel Apple and Cherry Quist.

Team Aidan

I am beyond confident that my roster of ice cream flavors is far and away the best. My first two picks were Bittersweet Mint and Pumpkin Pie, which in my opinion, are the two best flavors.

After my strong start, I allowed myself to take some underrated flavors in Happy Happy Joy Joy, Peanut Butter Marshmallow, and THON Golden Ribbon Ripple. To close out the draft, I was given a gift by having Chocolate Pretzel Crunch available with the second to last pick in the draft. Overall, I am very happy with my selections.

Team Michael

After not having the third pick for the first time in the previous draft, I was back to my ways in the third spot.

I was extremely quick to pick Peppermint Stick in the first round. It’s unique, it’s colorful, and it just tastes so good. I couldn’t pass up on it. When Matt selected chocolate, he made sure everyone knew he did not want Death by Chocolate, which had me thinking. Those thoughts turned into a decision, and Death by Chocolate was my second-round selection, one I was very pleased with. My third-round pick was a bit of a surprise, but I seriously love Coconut Chip. It’s incredible, and it’s not easy to find coconut ice cream elsewhere.

Then in the fourth round, I made a big mistake and jumped early on WPSU Coffee Break. It’s not a bad flavor, but I understandably received a lot of hate from the other drafters after this pick. WPSU Coffee Break would’ve been a nice addition for variety in the last round, and nobody else would’ve taken it. However, I bounced back well and finished the draft strong.

In my eyes, Mint Nittany has been giving Bittersweet Mint a run for its money lately, and I was very happy to see it fall to my squad in round five. I capped off my lineup with Salted Caramel Cheesecake in the final round, which is an underrated sweet flavor that hits the spot sometimes.

Team Matt

Heading into the draft, I was dealt the final pick. While to some, they call that the worst pick to get, I was fine with it because, unlike my fellow teams, I do not like nuts. Peanut butter, almonds, even regular nuts — I don’t like them. I knew going in I wasn’t going to draft any ice cream with nuts in them.

In round one, I selected my favorite flavor first with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and I followed that up in round two with probably everyone’s favorite flavor, normal Chocolate. Somehow in round three, I picked Cookies and Cream, which to me is a top-five flavor to get at the creamery, but somehow fell to the third round.

My fourth round picked turned out to be one that I would regret, not because I don’t like the flavor, it’s that I should’ve taken something that I didn’t. I selected Strawberry, which is great, but I should’ve gone with Cinnamon Caramel Apple, which Mikey ended up picking. To finish my draft, I picked Apple Cobbler Crunch, which is solid, but it’s not Cinnamon Caramel Apple. For my last pick, I went with Birthday Bash, which a lot of people don’t like, however, I love yellow cake and yellow cake ice cream is amazing.

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