Day: March 27, 2014

Live Blog: Penn Staters Celebrate the Arrival of Taco Bell Breakfast

In the name of journalism -- ok, it was mostly because the Drunk Deliveries people haven't expanded to breakfast yet -- I ventured down to the Taco Bell on E. College Ave at 7 a.m. when the doors opened. This one is for history.

Former Employee Sues Keystone Real Estate for Alleged Discrimination

A former employee of Keystone Real Estate Group is suing the company for alleged discrimination and harassment due to her gender and lesbian relationship with a co-worker.

Rotelli Restaurant at Risk of Closure

Rotelli restaurant could be at risk of closure because the owner owes $190,000 in back rent.

UPUA’s 8th Assembly Funds Penn State History Course and Then Says Goodbye

The Eighth Assembly of the University Park Undergraduate Association officially adjourned at 10:47 p.m. last night following an emotional final assembly meeting. There were teary eyes throughout the room as a number of representatives and executives would be walking out of that HUB room for the last time as a member of student government.

We Found the Funniest Parent Texts

Earlier this week, we asked for your funniest parent texts. We received some gems and noticed a few trends among the responses. Enjoy.

Penn State and Pluto: The Ultimate Betrayal

We all look up into that big night's sky sometimes and long for the days of the nine planet Solar System. Many of us even liked some variation of Like If You Wish Pluto Was Still A Planet on Facebook. Yes, we're all still doing what we can to cope with the loss of Pluto as the 9th planet, but now we have even more to cope with. As it turns out, our beloved Penn State was involved in this life changing decision.

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