Author: Caitlin Gailey

Senior from just outside the city of Brotherly Love. Yes, I am one of those Philly sports fans. I bleed blue and white and have since birth. Maybe someday you will see me on ESPN and then again maybe not. If you ever want to inflate my ego email me at [email protected]

Penn State Pi Chis To Affiliate During Recruitment

Pi Chis were previously required to disaffiliate from their respective chapters during recruitment to avoid imposing their bias on the new members.

Thank You: Penn State Athletics Remedies Beaver Stadium Entrance Nightmare

Entrance procedures to Beaver Stadium were changed during the off season and dramatically improved the Gate A experience for students.

Campus Resources Aim To Help Students Stay Safe

Penn State offers a variety of resources that both improve student safety measures and provide assistance during emergencies.

Panhellenic Council Clarifies Parameters Of Informal Fall Recruitment

Penn State Panhellenic has announced the chapters that will participate in an informal recruitment this fall.

Penn State Fitness Revamps Schedule With New Classes, Improved Goals

Missing Butts & Guts or Washboard Abs? Here’s how Penn State Fitness switched up its fall 2017 schedule.

Your Best Bar Tour Themes Of 2017

Classes may have ended, but drinking will never stop. Here are your best bar tour themes of 2017.

White Building To Host Fun Fitness Friday

The White Building will host Fun Fitness Friday for the remaining Fridays of the spring semester. Interested students can attend free classes in the White Building from 11:15 a.m. to 12 p.m. with no gym membership required.