The Penn State Pumpkin Patch

In the blink of an eye, October has nearly come and gone. In the spirit of all things spooky, we asked you to send us your best Penn State pumpkins — and you definitely delivered.

From intricate carvings to impressive paint jobs, here are some of the pumpkins that make up the perfect Penn State pumpkin patch:

Whiteout Pumpkins

(Photo: Rachel Keller)
(Photo: Kathleen Connors)
(Photo: Stephanie Ramirez)
(Photo: Kristina Kaldon)

When James Franklin called for the ultimate whiteout during Michigan Weekend, these loyal fans certainly listened.

The Classic Nittany Lion

(Photo: Jeff Wimer)
(Photo: Justin)
(Photo: Jason Klus)

What staple of Penn State culture is more iconic than the Nittany Lion? The symbol is so special that its importance transcends generations. The second Nittany Lion was carved by a fan just seven years old.

Tailgate Pumpkin

(Photo: Chantelle Otto)

Chantelle Otto and her husband decked out their Michigan Weekend tailgate with pumpkins that were, of course, whiteout themed. Otto is a fourth generation Penn Stater who met her husband 12 years ago in Happy Valley. Tailgating is now a family affair thanks to the addition of their 11-month-old-son, who recently made his first trip to Penn State.

The Pawprint

(Photo: Emily Prater)

You can’t have a full assortment of Nittany Lion-themed pumpkins without the classic paw print. This Penn Stater managed to place letters perfectly underneath the paw print — a pretty impressive feat.

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