Author: Derek Bannister

Derek is a junior majoring in Economics and History. He is legally required to tell you that he's from right outside of Philly. Email Derek compliments and dad-jokes at [email protected]

Guessing What’s On The THON Desktop

We got a brief glimpse of the THON desktop helping to run the show here in the BJC. We couldn’t quite see what was on it, but we’ve got some guesses.

The THON 2018 Trivia Results Are In: You Are All Indeed FTK

Penn Staters showed the world just how much they know their THON trivia, doing very well on a quiz designed for high difficulty.

Test Your Trivia Skills With The THON 2018 Quiz

Do you know even the most minute details about THON? Show what you know with this quick quiz.

What Goes Into Making The THON Diamond Guide

Making the THON Diamond Guide is no joke — especially for just a team of two.

Overheard On Twitter: Penn State Hoops Upsets No. 8 Ohio State

The Twittersphere erupted after Penn State’s shocking win over No. 8 Ohio State.

Penn State Football’s Ja’Juan Seider Is Ready To Recruit Florida

The addition of Ja’Juan Seider allows Penn State to cast a wide recruiting net, all the way down to Florida.