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iClick, You Click…

Love them or loathe them–and for most students, the latter applies–clickers are an integral part of large-size lecture halls that most Penn State students experience at some point in their academic career.

College Christmas/Hanukkah Gift Guide

As the proverbial "broke college students," I can say with a fair level of confidence that the majority of you won't be spending a fortune on Christmas presents this year. But, presents for family do not have to break the bank. If you haven't yet purchased any gifts, check out some suggestions for last-minute shopping that can be light on your wallet.

Class Gift Chosen: Lion Shrine Historical Display

The 2012 Senior Class Gift Committee has just announced the winning selection for this year’s gift. Click on to read what the class of 2012 voted for.

Onward Debates: Why “Occupying” Should End

By now, #OccupyWallStreet has taken hold of the country's collective attention on the internet and on television. As the protestors camp out in Zuccotti Park and receive support from celebrities (one celebrity very notable for never having a shortage of words was speechless) and citizens alike, I think everyone needs to put down the Kool Aid, take a step back, and breathe.

All the Small Fees

It's not about the money, money, money, or is it? Amid cries and outrage of the ever-increasing tuition rates, some students are unaware of the small fees that plague the student population which, in my opinion, or more heinous than any tuition increase. Onward State presents a list of "small" fees that can sneak up on a student. Check it out after the jump!

Alton Brown Cooks Up Laughter at Eisenhower

From the moment Alton Brown stepped on stage until he said goodbye, his lecture was filled to the brim with intelligence, wit, education and most of all, humor.

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