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Author: Joseph Rogachevsky

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Joseph Rogachevsky

Hey, I'm Joe. I enjoy long walks on the beach and good conversation. Gouda cheese is nice, but I prefer Brie. I'm very well-traveled. A typical Saturday night for me is spent at Irving's Cafe. I drink coffee for the taste.

Abhay Ashtekar: On Einstein’s Shoulders

Onward State takes you into the mind of Dr. Abhay Ashtekar, theoretical physicist and Director of the Institute for Gravitational Physics and Geometry at Penn State. Topics range from research, to the publishing process, to what makes a scientist.

Local Retailer to Host Black Ops II Release Party

Call of Duty fans in State College will be pleased to hear that their local video game retailer will be hosting a release party, beginning tonight and lasting through midnight, in order to celebrate the newest installment to the Activision franchise.

Engineering Students Improve South African Medical Clinics

When Americans get sick, we drive to the nearest health clinic to visit a doctor. In rural South Africa, it is often times more practical for the care to come to the patient. Penn State engineering students work in South Africa to bring improvements to these mobile medical clinics.

So You Suck at Studying

Here at Onward State, we care about your educational welfare. In this two-part series, well be bringing some perspective on the tutoring options you can pursue to bring that daunting GPA up a few notches.

The Pokémon Society’s Quiet Domination

The Penn State Pokémon Society puts the crown on the line this fall when they hope to repeat as Champions of the Intercollegiate Pokémon League. Led by founder/commissioner Alex Valente, the league features competition among six different schools, and is constantly in contact with other schools for expansion.

Careers Days Ahead

If you like to read into things, tomorrow's career fair could be the most significant in Penn State's history. More companies than ever before see the merit of Penn State students.

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