Local Retailer to Host Black Ops II Release Party

Call of Duty fans in State College will be pleased to hear that their local video game retailer will be hosting a release party, beginning tonight and lasting through midnight, in order to celebrate the newest installment to the Activision franchise.

Gamers Arena, located on 421 E Calder Way, in between McLanahan’s and Centre Court, will be kicking off the show tonight with a live B94.5 broadcast from 6-8 p.m. Dilly bars will be provided.

After the broadcast, the store will close for a couple hours in order to prepare for the party, at which co-owner Derek Canova expects a large turnout.

“For the Halo 4 release we saw about 100 people. This time around, we expect anywhere from 200 to 250 to attend,” said Canova.

It’s not too late to reserve your copy, assures Canova. “We will be accepting pre-orders as late as 11:30, or until we run out,” he said. Pre-orders require $5 down, and paying in full will allow you to avoid the line and simply exchange your proof of purchase for a copy.

The preparations include an outdoor 82” TV, and several additional indoor gaming stations, sponsored by Aaron’s of Central PA.

Why should you bother showing up early? “We received permission to open the game at 10 p.m.,” said Canova, “Although you have to wait until midnight to buy it, you will still get a chance to preview it.” He also hinted that an unofficial tournament may take place, sure to be a challenge with the expected crowds. In addition to possibly winning a copy of the game, free pizza will be provided by the Cove.

You could be a sell-out and go to Walmart or GameStop to buy this game, but this is a great opportunity to support a local small business. Whether you’re a hardcore fanboy, a plebeian casual, or even female (gasp!), everyone is welcome to enjoy tonight’s festivities.

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