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Majora Carter’s Speech “Home(town) Security” Was Much More Than Improving The Environment

On Earth Day, it seemed only appropriate that Majora Carter would speak as part of the ninth annual Colloquium on the Environment Speaker Series. Her speech was more than how she has worked to improve her hometown through renovations and environmental changes. Instead, she passionately spoke about how her own life and how we can apply the work she has done to our own communities.

Urban Revitalization Strategist Majora Carter to Speak

The ninth annual Colloquium on the Environment speaker series will present Majora Carter on Monday April 22. Her speech entitled "Home(town) Security" focuses on the connection between the health of the environment and health of the community, emphasizing the inclusivity of social issues when handling environmental concerns.

More Roommates, No Worries

When I made the decision to come to Penn State, housing wasn't really on my immediate list of worries. I was excited enough about coming to school that when I received a supplemental housing contract, I didn't really care. I'm not saying that I didn't freak out a little about having six random roommates instead of one, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Free Self Defense Class For Female Students

The University Police Department is now offering a free self defense class open to all female students. The course is completely free and works to educate women on how to avoid or prevent dangerous situations from occurring, as well as teaches women how to defend themselves should a situation arise.