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Author: Matt Paolizzi

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Matt Paolizzi

Matt is a freshman majoring in Secondary Education, hoping to minor in philosophy, and is from the fabled land of "just outside Philly." He'll gladly talk your ear off about anything from Picasso to Wu-Tang Clan and lives and dies by Philly sports. Send him seething rants and death threats at [email protected]


Association For India’s Development To Host Annual Indian Food Carnival

Got a craving for some all you can eat tikka masala, vindaloo, or saag? Penn State's chapter of AID will host its Taste of India event on March 24.


THON Entertainment Committee Engages Crowd In New Ways

Through new, more interactive ways of getting the crowd involved, the Entertainment Committee has put forth a slew of new events and games for everyone to get into.


Onward Investigates: How Loud Does It Really Get At THON?

How loud can things get in the BJC and are there any places where your poor ears can get a rest?


The Official THON 2018 Line Dance Lyric Power Ranking

Loving the THON line dance? We broke it down line-by-line to give you the top ten lyrics, plus some honorable mentions. See if your favorites made the list.


TKEclipse: A Match Made In Greek Heaven

A special interest org paired with a frat? It seems odd, but it's a relationship that's worked wonders for TKE and Eclipse.


‘Dancing In The Stands’: One Freshman Attempts The Ultimate Feat

He might sound like madman, but Tom Dougherty has the particular set of skills needed for such a colossal undertaking.

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