Author: Megan Fleming

Texts From Last Night: THON Dancer Edition

One of our own stood for 46 hours so we asked him the same three questions in random increments. Here are his answers:

The Day We Dance In Celebration Is $9.7 Million Closer

Every dollar is something to be proud of, and every family who never sees a bill because of THON is an accomplishment. No matter the challenges, the changes, or the number unveiled in February, the students at Penn State have created something that’s changing lives.

Atlas And Alpha Tau Omega/Zeta Tau Alpha Top THON 2016 Fundraisers

Huge congrats to not just these, but every organization that worked their butts off all year. The fight against pediatric cancer continues and efforts for THON 2017 starts today.

THON 2016 Raises $9,770,332.32 For The Kids

THON 2016 culminated with the total reveal and announced $9,770,332.32 was raised for the kids. Every dollar raised for the kids is something to celebrate, since it’s still going to the people that need it most — Four Diamonds families.

Homecoming 2016 Theme Announced: Old State Inspiring New Beginnings

Every year, THON and Homecoming trade off with one another over whose turn it is to announce their theme.

Where Are You Following THON From?

If you’re not in the City of THON this weekend, you can follow along with everything that’s happening on our live blog. We want to know where you’re keeping up with THON.

The BJC Is Empty, But THON Is Trending On Facebook

There are still four hours until we dance, but THON is already trending nation-wide on Facebook.