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Get to Know: FUTURES

"Last year we had about 25 active members," explained the club's VP, Mike Buchanan. "The year before that maybe 6. This year we have about 60 active members. We're just growing exponentially."

The Ultimate Trader Challenge is Back

You may remember last year when Joe Marcus traded a pen all the way up to a Ford F250 pick-up truck. Well, the Trader Challenge is now an annual event at Penn State and any Penn State student can get in on the action!

Jesse Arnelle: A Catalyst for Change in 1968

His time spent as a student earned him respect among the Penn State community, but it wasn’t until after graduation that Arnelle’s role in shaping the community would truly come to fruition.

IFC/PHC Annual Holiday Tour Lights Up State College

Onward State sent a couple of geed's around with a camera. Here is our wholly uncomprehensive list of the festivities.

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