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Author: Sarah Desiderio

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Sarah Desiderio

Senior. Print Journalism Major, English and Sociology Minors. I'm smarter than the average 9 year old and funnier than most plants.

Meet Penn State’s Footbag Club

You may have seen them around campus, in some sort of circular formation kicking around a hacky sack. Maybe you avoided eye contact, or maybe you fought the temptation to join in. Either way, what you probably didn’t know is that they were members of the Penn State Footbag Club… or that we have a footbag club, or that footbag is a word. Well, it is, and the Footbag Club has been kickin’ it (pun intended) for two years now.

Try the Gym for Free This Friday

Are you one of the many students with a burning desire to try out the Penn State fitness facilities, but no cash to pay for the fitness membership that would necessitate? Well, you are in luck. This Friday, September 5, Campus Recreation is holding FREE Fitness Friday.

Your Penn State Pet Can Win You Football Tickets

Weis Markets, along with Purina, is holding the "Pet of the Game Photo Contest" and it's resulted in plenty of cute Penn State Dog photos.

Most Unique Clubs at The Involvement Fair

Today is the last day of the Fall Involvement Fair and over the past couple of days, masses of students have perused the various booths of the many clubs on campus. However, amidst all the typical clubs and organizations there were a few hidden gems you may not have noticed. They are certainly not kidding when they say there literally is something for everyone.

Meet Penn State’s Own Marcus “PingPong” Jackson

Most of us are long past the days of volleying on the ping-pong table in our friend’s basement. But one of our classmates has been putting his paddles to use and taken ping-pong to a whole new level.

What’s Up with the CATA App?

Most of us have now learned better than to put our implicit trust in the CATA app with its frequent crashes and occasionally unreliable information, but is there any hope that we can one day track our beloved Loops and Links with peace of mind?

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