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Will Wolf

Will is a photographer for Onward State, originally from Wynnewood, PA. He is currently a senior in Industrial Engineering, with a minor in Mathematics. Will thoroughly enjoys his traveling, sushi, jumping out of planes, ice hockey, hiking, blogging, Apple products, hip-hop, skiing, and cameras. He is rather excited to be here.

Belly Dance and Hummus: Khaleeji’s Arabian Night

Last night, Penn State’s Khaleeji Student Association held its Arabian Night in Heritage Hall, a colorful event designed to showcase the various Middle Eastern cultures that it represents. With miles of food, fashion, and a rather gymnastic belly dancer, students and parents alike were given a very lively taste of Arabian custom and society.

McLanahan’s Appreciates Us, We Return Favor

All this week, our very own McLanahan’s Downtown Market is offering its full range of 8-inch subs for a mere $1.99 as a show of appreciation to its customers. Although it goes without saying, this is intensely fantastic news. These subs are delicious, and 199 pennies is simply not all that much money. It’s a win for your wallet, and it’s definitely a win for deliciousness in your mouth.

Alternative Spring Breaks: A Trip for the Currently Trip-less

Good morning, Onward Staters. The day is Wednesday, and Spring Break officially begins on Friday. As such, there are only two more days until spring break. If you are reading this article, chances are that you do not currently have any plans for Spring Break. Again, the big dance starts in a mere 48 hours, and if you don’t have any exotic travel arrangements on the books, you likely won’t be making any at all. However, there is no need to worry, as this article colorfully details a Spring Break trip for the currently trip-less Penn State student.