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Canyon vs. Gumby’s, As Told By Yelp

Yelp is a terrible place where self-proclaimed food critics broadcast their opinions, but sometimes it’s hilarious. Here’s what its users had to say about two late night staples — Canyon and Gumby’s.

Your Best Stories From The All-American Rathskeller

“I’m trying to spend as much time with my old friend before she closes forever. No other place like her.”

Trivia Steve And His Impact On The Rathskeller

Trivia Steve will host Team Trivia at the Skeller for the final time on Thursday night — ending an era at the local bar that helped bring his idea to fruition in State College.

Mustard Moguls: A Brief History Of Herlocher Foods

Herlocher Foods — more specifically, the company’s dipping mustard — shares a lengthy history with the community it provoked and has grown steadily as a corporation since the first vat of its famous condiment was cooked.

OS Reviews: Waker Chicken

Three of our staffers went into Waker Chicken with low expectations and came out Korean chicken converts.

College From A Basement Window View

“With the news of its closing, I can still see the same window view of college from the basement of the Rathskeller.”

What The World Was Like When The Skeller Opened

What was the world like for the first Penn Staters to crack open a cold one at what was then called the Rathskeller and Gardens?