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Protests Over Alleged Sandusky Scandal Involvement End Schiano Deal With Tennessee

Because of offhand allegations that aren't mentioned anywhere else through countless depositions and testimony from the legal fallout of the Sandusky Scandal, it looks like Greg Schiano won't be a Vol after all.


Penn State Counterclaims Dismissed In Spanier Lawsuit

Eby's opinion stated that the university waited too long to file its suit, with the statutes of limitations on the claims having expired, and that for some of Penn State's claims, Spanier did not violate a 2010 employment contract and 2011 separation agreement.


McQueary Ends Whistleblower Suit Against Penn State

McQueary filed the suit over how administrators handled his 2001 report of seeing Jerry Sandusky in a locker room shower with a boy and how he was treated by the school after it was revealed he had testified before the grand jury that recommended charges against Sandusky.


Judge Denies Jerry Sandusky’s Appeal For Retrial

Hearings for Sandusky's appeal began in May 2016 as his current attorneys argued he received ineffective counsel from his original attorneys, Joe Amendola and Karl Rominger, before, during, and after his original trial.

News Founder Offers $1,000 For Best Pro-Paterno, Anti-ESPN College GameDay Sign

No matter your view of him or his tactics, as long as you share John Ziegler's disdain of ESPN, his $1,000 could be yours!


Former Athletic Director Tim Curley Released From Jail

Curley, Graham Spanier, and Gary Schultz are all currently not in jail after serving (or in Spanier's case appealing) their sentences on child endangerment charges from the Sandusky scandal.

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