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Al Pacino Gears Up To Play Joe Paterno, Weighs In On Coach’s Culpability

“The question isn’t just what he knew, it’s what he did about it. I think he knew there were complaints. He knew there were rumors," Pacino said.


HBO Releases More Details On Upcoming ‘Paterno’ Film

The film will play out in flashbacks as Paterno undergoes an MRI prior to his death from lung cancer.


Penn State Settles Lawsuit Over Alleged 2007 Sandusky Abuse

Penn State has settled one of the remaining lawsuits against the university by men who say they were abused by Jerry Sandusky in the mid-2000s.


Former Governor Tom Corbett Reviews Sandusky Scandal, Decision To Fire Paterno

Tom Corbett still has a few strong opinions on the administration's decisions as he looks back to the Sandusky scandal. Meanwhile, he continues to do an about-face in regard to his own involvement through the years.

Sandusky Scandal

New HBO Promo Gives Brief Glimpse of ‘Paterno’

An HBO promo ad shows Al Pacino saying, "Take care of yourselves. We still have things to do."


Protests Over Alleged Sandusky Scandal Involvement End Schiano Deal With Tennessee

Because of offhand allegations that aren't mentioned anywhere else through countless depositions and testimony from the legal fallout of the Sandusky Scandal, it looks like Greg Schiano won't be a Vol after all.

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