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Riley Keough To Play Sara Ganim In HBO’s Joe Paterno Movie

Ganim is a former Harrisburg Patriot-News reporter who in 2011 was the first to report on a grand jury’s investigation of former Penn State football assistant and The Second Mile charity founder Jerry Sandusky for allegations of child sexual abuse.

Curley, Schultz Ask for Modified Sentences

Both men pleaded guilty in March to one misdemeanor count each of endangering the welfare of a child for their handling of Mike McQueary’s 2001 report about Jerry Sandusky with a boy in locker room shower.

Weekend Wrap-Up: Greek Life Reform, Spanier/Curley/Schultz Sentencing

Here’s what you should know about this weekend’s Board of Trustees meeting about Greek life reform and the sentencing of former administrators Graham Spanier, TIm Curley, and Gary Schultz related to the Sandusky scandal.

Graham Spanier Sentenced To Two Months In Jail, Curley And Schultz Also Will Be Incarcerated

In March, a jury found Graham Spanier guilty on one count of child endangerment, and not guilty on two counts of conspiracy charges related to the Sandusky scandal.

Trustee Al Lord Apologizes To ‘Real’ Victims, Defends Spanier In Statement

Penn State Trustee Al Lord released a statement apologizing for any pain his previous comment may have caused the “actual victims” of Jerry Sandusky.

Trustee Al Lord ‘Running Out Of Sympathy For So-Called Victims’ Of Sandusky

Lord’s comments were made in an email sent to The Chronicle of Higher Education on Saturday.

Louis Freeh Calls For President Barron’s Resignation, Bashes Penn State Administrators After Spanier Verdict

After speculation regarding the validity of a statement from Louis Freeh, the Centre Daily Times verified the statement that calls for President Barron’s resignation (among other attacks) with Freeh’s attorney. At 6:45 p.m. today the Centre Daily Times published an article after receiving an email with the “Statement from Louis J. Freeh.” The statement called […]