The Natty Nittany


Audrey.  Outside Pattee Library.

Lovely use of colors.  Warms my heart in this cold weather.

Carrie.  Pollock Road by Pattee Mall.

There are so many things right here that I don’t know where to begin…

Don.  In Webster’s Bookstore Cafe.

His outfit screams sophistication – a perfect touch for this “espresso and a novel” style hangout.  Just remember, guys: cardigans aren’t just for yachts and the country club.

Matt Burr (of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals).  On College Ave.

I’ll raise my cup to his outfit anyday.  A military jacket, slim cut jeans, and a hat full of character – he’s preaching to the choir.  Great to see that his fashion sense rivals his drumming.


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  1. Have you ever seen the short slide shows on the NYT website done by Bill Cunningham about fashion in NYC (mostly, sometimes in Paris)? “The Natty Nittany” reminds me of them, but addressing a different demographic – of course.

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