Day: December 8, 2008

The Natty Nittany

Audrey.  Outside Pattee Library. Lovely use of colors.  Warms my heart in this cold weather.

Board Bitter about November’s Loss?

Left of Centre posted this interesting tidbit today, What do the three Trustees, Brosius, Junker and Rowell, quoted in this morning’s Collegian article on the SOE rumor have in common? Since 1997, all three have only contributed to to Republican candidates in federal elections. We also enjoyed his analysis of the trustees’ comments in the […]

The American Dream

The Bboy どーも’s Blog (don’t understand what that means? don’t worry, neither do we) posted about his experience at yesterday’s TI concert.  Our bboy showed up to the BJC at 1:00 pm so he could be sure that he was first in line for the 7:00 pm concert. (Yesterdays average temperature was 19°F.) However, due […]

UPUA, GSA Get Guaranteed Funding

The Collegian reported this morning that the UPUA and the Graduate Student Associate will receive a percentage of the funds collected through the student activity fee, which is currently set at $74 per semester. The news came out of a Student Activity Fee Board meeting that was held on Friday. Collegian Staff Reporter Ben Skalina […]

Latke-off on Do Not Eat This Blog

The Collegian’s Do Not Eat This Blog blog covered a “latke-off” this weekend. It’s worth the read. When Bruce Pincus eats a latke, he’s looking for a couple things. He likes pure ingredients, a simple recipe and a final product dripping with oil. But for Pincus, the most important attribute is a latke’s nostalgia-inducing abilities. […]

Lost Shealey Found, Just Wanted Peachy Paterno

Belated from the CDT: Some of you may be aware that the Penn State Department of Crop and Soil Sciences owns vast turfgrass plots for research on golf course grasses. Well, how do you keep birds and other animals off the grass? The Department bypasses child labor, instead choosing to employ a dog. But, unfortunately […]

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