Penn State Ranked #1 Party School


Three Penn State keg-carriers show off after years of braining (booze training).Penn State had a lot of buzz on the Internet today for an accolade recently awarded by the Princeton Review in its yearly survey of 122,000 students.

For the first time, Penn State was ranked the #1 party school. Before this year, the best (or worst?) we achieved was #3. Though, to be fair, we also did well in other categories… we were also ranked #1 in beer drinking!

Here’s the full list of our accolades:

#2 in Students Dissatisfied with Financial Aid
#3 in Jock Schools
#3 in Major Frat and Sorority Scene
#3 in Best Athletic Facilities
#6 in Best Career Services
#6 in Everyone Plays Intramural Sports
#6 in Best College Newspaper
#9 in Lots of Hard Liquor
#11 in Students Study the Least
#17 in Least Politically Active Students

This quote from the spokesman of last year’s #1 school, the University of Florida, sums up the situation nicely,

“All I can say is ‘Go Nittany Lions!’ This is every university’s headache each year.”

Penn State’s official response seems to be in line with that as well. Said one of the soldiers from the Department of Public Information,

The rankings are nothing more than popularity contests.

But is that true? If we take the statement at face value, it’s simply false, as there’s no reason to equate popularity with a school’s proclivity to partying; however, the survey is decidedly unscientific.

In any case, they said it and the press has picked up on it. Both we the students and the administration’s vocal box can agree that there is one most important question: is this good or bad for the University?

We conducted an informal poll on Twitter today. The answers ranged from, “If we are going to be on the list, we might as well be on top of it” to “not too proud of it. Shadows the academia merits.” In my opinion, the most satsifying answer was that the ranking is just “appropriate.”

Some say that having an institutional reputation fitting of Animal House hurts us down the line when applying for jobs– but can 500,000 alumni be wrong?


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  1. Because this will or will not stand, this news demands a riot or a made-up holiday or both.

  2. Students Dissatisfied with Financial Aid….no surprise there. Tuition goes up like 2 grand a year.

  3. “#6 in Best College Newspaper”

    That’s embarrassing. “#17 in Least Politically Active Students” reflects poorly on Penn State, but if we have the sixth best college newspaper, that makes the whole country look bad.

  4. Somehow my previous comment was nerfed …

    #6 in Best College Newspaper is probably low if you’ve looked around UWire.

  5. I used to write for the paper, and I’ll make my displeasure for them known, but the quality of the staff and their writing is very high. When you compare the reporting with that at the vast majority of other schools, it’s like night and day. I do, however, take issue with a good many editorials that are published, and with a select few writers who have managed, through sheer persistence, to achieve a beat which they are in no way qualified for.

    And the least politically active one has got to be BS. Maybe we’re not active in the school government, but we had a ton of people involved with the Obama and McCain campaigns. You’re telling me the biggest university in a major swing state with a strong polysci department doesn’t have a politically active student base? No.

  6. Was visiting companies and alumni on the day this came out. LOTS of negative comments, especially so from the non-alumni employers. Several asked why they should recruit from Penn State.

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