Another One Bites the Dust


It’s hard to argue that Greeks at Penn State have had a good year. Fraternities have been kicked out, tragedies have occurred, regulations became more strict… tonight we learn about the most recent event.

DDDThe Penn State chapter of Delta Delta Delta (Alpha Phi) was shut down this afternoon by the Tri Delta executive board for hazing violations. This decision comes after a month-long investigative probation period. We contacted the Panhellenic Council (PHC) and the chapter earlier this week, but both declined to comment.

This is one of the lower moments in Tri Delta’s 62-year history at Penn State, but it will almost certainly be back. This is how the executive board described the sanctions:

Tri Delta members of the chapter who have violated Tri Delta’s Obligations of Membership will be held accountable via individual sanctions, which may include permanent removal from membership. Active members in good standing will have the opportunity to continue membership as an unaffiliated collegiate member of Tri Delta. New members who have not been initiated will be released from their membership in Tri Delta and National Panhellenic Conference policies allow them to join another sorority if they so choose.

Jackye Clark, the president of the national organization, visited the chapter  earlier today to share this information.

Update 3:16: Since we originally posted, the Collegian also published an article about the withdrawal of the chapter’s chapter.


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  1. For all of the people reading this new post, these are not the facts. As a former member of tridelta, we had all signed our resignation forms from the sorority before thanksgiving break. All of our resignation forms are dated. We all chose to resign in order to remove ourselves from an international chapter with which we no longer wanted to be associated with. There was defamation of character and false allegations held by Tridelta nationals that they refused to recant nor address properly and apologize for. Nationals, upon receiving all of our resignations decided to make themselves look better by ignoring that we had done this and making it seem as though they were forcing us off campus to better their own image. As a whole we were extremely upset and angered by the way Tridelta nationals handled a situation that was COMPLETELY blown out of proportion and exaggerated. If the collegian wants the truth about our situation they should ask us and not the tridelta nationals who have been extremely misinformed by the volunteer group who came in through the investigation process very unprofessionally, and lied about what happened and what was said. We hope that the collegian and anyone else interested in our situation will respect our privacy not support the rumors that are currently being spread. 

  2. Well…well…well.  The “guest” below wants to claim that they all resigned and that everything was blown out of proportion by the nationals.  The behavior of these girls was unreal!  Yea…they want the Collegian and everyone else to “respect their privacy” because they don’t want the truth to come out.  Look at what they posted on their pledges facebook pages and then talk about how things were blown out of proportion.  Nah…they don’t want the truth to come out, but they are happy to post lies on here and not even sign their name.  They were given a chance and they threatened to resign but their nationals called their bluff and shut them down!!  Go Tri-Delta nationals!!  The truth is that they were HAZING AND THEY GOT CAUGHT!!

  3. Why are you offering an interview to the Collegian here? That’s like going to Burger King and saying “Well, if Chick Fil A wants someone who can REALLY deep fry waffle fries, they should hire me.”

  4. what exactly were the tridelts hazing violations?  they must have been outrageous.  i think there’s a script that could be sold to New Sensations here, people.

  5. The “guest” who wants the world to respect the privacy of Tridelt obviously doesn’t realize how the world today works….

  6. A Florida Tridelt on

    TriDelta will remain a respected sorority forever, we will always stand close to our sisters and no matter what is the case you ladies of Alpha Phi will always be in our hearts!

  7. You were hazing and got caught. You gambled and lost. Instead of being an adult and taking responsibiltiy for your actions the entire chapter “takes their ball and goes home”; I mean resigns. The national fraternity gains nothing by closing chapters, in fact they lose a lot more.  This would not have happened without a good reason. You were adult enough to haze, now be adult enough to accept the repercussions of that behavior. 

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  9. I have scoured the web and can’t find a word about the allegations placed on the Tri Delts. Can anyone enlighten me?