Penn State Pools Closed Over Break To Everyone, Not Just SuePa


UPDATE (12:18 AM): As a comment from “Ryan” points out below, the original report states that Sue Paterno “wastold Wednesday morning that she could no longer use the facilities.” This does not specifically say that she attempted to use the facilities and was turned away, so the possibility does still exist that the report is accurate in its entirety. NBC Philadelphia also reported that SuePa was not banned.

As any Penn Stater knows, an injustice against SuePa is an injustice against everything good in this world. So, when a report came out today claiming that Sue Paterno was told to leave the campus pool that she normally works out at, outrage seemed to be the appropriate reaction.

This reported incident appeared to be yet another Penn State public relations blunder, a staple of the last few tumultuous weeks. Firing Joe through the phone was bad enough, and now they won’t even let Penn State’s (former?) First Lady use the pool? Come on.

The only problem, of course, is that the report fails to mention that nobody else was allowed to work out at Penn State’s pools today, either. The Thanksgiving hours posted on the Penn State Fitness website show that both the White Building and McCoy Natatorium pools were closed today.

The report came from Sara Ganim, the Harrisburg Patriot-News reporter who broke the Sandusky scandal and has led in coverage of the ensuing fallout. Ganim has become as reliable a source on this entire scandal as there is, and her work has been both informative and professional. I met her personally when we were both interviewed by CNN’s John King, and I came away very impressed. I urge you to look to Sara as the top source for news on #psucharges. You can follow her on Twitter at @sganim.

Thank you to @GeoffRushton for the link to the White Building Thanksgiving hours.


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  1. As much as I adore SuePa, I believe Sonia Spanier is the official former first lady of Penn State. At least on paper. We all know who it has always been in my heart.

  2. Woah there. Sara’s report said Sue “was told Wednesday morning that she could no longer use the facilities.” It doesn’t say she tried to use them Wednesday morning. It’s possible she went to the White building this morning, which was open, but turned away as soon as she set foot in the door.

    Sara’s report also said “A source close to the Paterno family says Sue Paterno was told to leave a Penn State campus pool where she normally works out.” It doesn’t say when she was told to leave. It’s possible she was there yesterday, and kicked out.

    Too much speculation on everybody’s part, not enough fact.

  3. Fair enough.

    My part in the assumption, of course, was that she was told to leave today, when the report was published. It was also published this afternoon, which left plenty of time earlier today for this to happen.

    Regardless, the original report is extremely vague and left enough room for all of this speculation, and has since not been updated.

  4. According to NBC, “Paterno’s wife comes to campus every day to swim . . . “.

    So, two questions:
    1) There weren’t any signs on the door that said “we’ll be closed from dateX to dateY”?

    2) After XX+ years of swimming at the pool, SuePa doesn’t know how to look at a schedule, didn’t think that Thanksgiving might be different than the normal schedule or doesn’t have an internet connection to check a schedule…and doesn’t have any children that might think the schedule was different and ‘hey Mom, let’s check to see if the pool is open’?

    I agree the initial reporting is very light on fact and filled with “People Magazine” style tittilation.

    Something’s fishy (<– See what I did there).