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about 6 months ago

Tag, You’re It: New App Comes to Penn State


Have you noticed your friends sending Tags lately? The new app — with investors like Eduardo Saverin (the actual one, not Andrew Garfield), venture capitalist Tim Draper, and Vivek Ranadive (a man credited with digitalizing Wall Street in the 80s) as Chairman of the Board — launched a month ago. The question you’re probably asking, though, is what exactly is┬áTag?

Courtesy of launch.it:

“Instead of text messaging back-and-forth with your friends to find out where they are, just tag them. It’s dead simple – confirm your current location, choose which friends to notify, and hit send. Attach videos, pictures, and messages to your tags to really capture the scene. Once other users get notified about your location, they have the option to tag you back with what they’re up to.”

Essentially, Tag combines Snapchat, Foursquare, Find My Friends, and Google Maps. It’s really easy to use, with a beautiful interface and a feature everyone’s been begging for on Snapchat: the ability to select all with one click. If you’re trying to show someone, say, where your tailgate is, or where that frat house you’re partying at is, Tag is great for sending directions, as you can export the location to Apple Maps or Google Maps. Freshmen trying to find where their class is or where their friends are hanging out will certainly be happy to have it starting this summer. Best of all, it’s private. You choose who sees your locations and messages, the message stays until you delete it, no ten-second timer, and because it only sends a snapshot of where you are when you want, there’s no creepy tracking going on like there is with, say, Find My Friends.

Penn State alumnus Dave Hartmann has brought Tag over to Happy Valley, and has been working to promote it throughout. Just as Facebook launched at Harvard, Snapchat at Stanford, and Tinder at UCLA, Tag is planting its flag at PSU. Only time will tell how successful it will be, but with a strong base already building around campus and a partnership with the Sacramento Kings, Tag looks primed to take off.

Tag is currently available on the iPhone App Store, and according to developers will be out on Android in about a month (there’s a waiting list for updates on it on the site).

You can download Tag here, or search “Tag, You’re It” on the app store.

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