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about 5 months ago

Phyrst Ranked Among Best College Bars Again


The Phyrst was ranked one of the best college bars in America again, this time by Thrillist, a men’s website with an advertisement for a Wikipedia page.

Thrillist included the Phyrst among its 33 best college bars, and State College’s favorite basement was ranked among Business Insider’s 31 best college bars this year as well. While the criteria used by these sites to select their favorite bars are unknown, they certainly reflect the Phyrst’s popularity.

From Thrillist:

There are more than a few bars to choose from at Penn State, but basement bar The Phyrst takes the top spot for its friendly bartenders, cheap drinks, and live music (including the Phyrst Phamly, which is a traditional bluegrass/country band that has been in existence since 1969). They have “Table Wars” every Saturday (and St. Patrick’s Day), which is a sweet chanting/drinking game that involves the whole bar — and it’s a great place to spend your twenty-phyrst birthday. Chances are if you went to Penn State, you’ve partied at The Phyrst. And you may or may not remember it.

Fair enough.

Zeno’s and Indigo have also been recognized in the past. Penn State’s bar scene is in good shape.

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