FloWrestling CEO Apologizes For NWCA Dual Championship Debacle


A day after the disastrous exclusive broadcast of Sunday’s NWCA Dual Championship match between Penn State and Oklahoma State, FloSports CEO and co-founder Martin Floreani issued a statement apologizing to fans for the technical failure that left one of the most anticipated duals of the last decade unseen outside of Gallagher Iba Arena.

In the apology, Floreani stated that the archived video of the match will be available for free online and that anyone who signed up for Flo just for the dual is eligible for a refund if he or she emails [email protected] A two-month credit is being offered to fans who wish to keep their Flo subscription.

Floreani described the outage as “completely unacceptable” and even included his own work email ([email protected]) if any fans feel compelled to reach out to him personally.

In addition to the now readily available archive of the dual, on Sunday March 5, Fox Sports Network will air a tape delay broadcast of the dual.

Because of the Flo outage, fans were left listening to radio broadcasts, something that they may not have done since Penn State won its first national title in 1954. While the future of entertainment is online, Sunday’s problems might suggest room for improvement in how a dual that is designed to grow the sport is shared with the public.

Photo By: Alex Bauer

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